Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kich N Bleus Christmas Mistletoe Card

Very excited for the upcoming Kich N Bleus designs... Im working hard to make them truly special. I have made a Christmas card for the special Kich Character and her Bleus... her adorable 6 Feet tall love

Passing on the Christmas love.... :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chrismas Snowman card

Well, I'm getting the hang of using my Cricut, and as well as using the stamps, dew dots, etc... I think i need a scrapbook room! Usually when i scrap, i bring out all my supplies that are stashed away in my closet... then i get lazy to put them back... but i still do... Unless i want to hear my mom mad at me (no, no, no) But anyways, Scrapbooking is fun! I love participation on the Gaby Abby Challenges, but... of course, i cant win... but scrapbooking is a win win situation (If you ask me ;))

I went to Michaels the other day (Saturday...?) And i found several paper stacks on sale, as well as some Cricut cards on clearance for 19.99... and some for 39.99... They also had Christmas stamps from like 9.99 for about 3.99 or less...But, the place where they had them was all gone, so i got myself some paper... :) (more!) The K & Company Paper was on sale from 19.99 to about 9.99... there is another one... I think... (DWC???... Please correct me) it was also about 50% off... so i got this Christmas paper that is super cute! I created this Snowman card using my new paper, and the Joy of the Season Cart from Cricut...I colored him with Prisma Color Pencils (My Fav!)I used stamps for the bottom designs, th lettering, and the deer... ... tell me what you think... :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chrismas Card for Co-Worker...

One of my co-workers, Julian is a guy. Usually, when I think about making him a card, I try not to make so girly because, well... he's a guy! He still loves them though... I made him a Pumpkin card for Thanksgiving, and he loved it... Anyways... I try working with different kinds of Scrapbooking materials so that i learn how to Scrap like my sis... Scrapbookaholic by Abby, but i think i need more training! hehehe... Anyways, its fun to learn, and try new things.

Its so fun to scrapbook because my mom usually walks by and adds some ideas, which makes my scrapbooking more unique... The mistakes?? I know... I was going to finish putting the glitter on when Little Chris (My 2-year old trouble Maker) Ran off with my mom's Christmas decoration, and when i returned, i sat my hand down... and pressed the P, :S

I shall make a perfect one next week! hehehe

Monday, December 6, 2010

Glitter Challenge for Gaby Abby... :)

Well, Most of you know already that I have my own comic characters based on real life friends and family... (You can check them out here)I have created this card for the Gaby Abby Challenges as this week was "GLITTER" Let me know what you think... :)

I drew the Kich n Bleus Character (Kich.. Based on me); I colored her with Prisma Colored Pencils, which are my FAV! The card was created with regular card stock, and the paper design for the snowflakes were created from the K & Company 12 X 12 Specialty paper for Christmas.
I also Used:

Dew Dots
Cricut machine (Sorry ladies, I think its the Joys of Season..?? Cart)
And the Glitter for the present and the hat...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Liz's Sister baby Shower Design

Liz (One of my very good and best friends)'s Sister is having a baby shower on Saturday, December 4, 2010. She wanted to get a decoration on the middle piece of the table, and she came with a very cute idea... having the picture of her nephew (Its A Boy!) with some design... Well, my dearly sis... handed me her Cricut last week, and i have been attached to it... so we decided to create a little something simple, but cute... Here's what were working on...

Chrismas Abby Gaby Challenger Entry...

I know... I know... I'm just doing this for fun though... Here is my entry for the Christmas Challenge... Tell me what you think... Advice is greatly appreciated...


So here is where it all begins... one step closer to wanting to start something new... This Blog is mainly for my Scrapbook designs. I do have a personal blog ( ) Where i have my personal and very exiting hobbies, (Photography, Comic Drawing) and where i will be posting on my exiting journey of weight loss... Anyways... Beginning of Journey... Here I Come...