Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Love Lucy Blog Hop!!

Hey Everyone!

Good Morning and welcome to the "I Love Lucy Blog Hop!"

If you came from Sandra, then you're on the right spot! But if not, make sure you start with ABBY!

My sis Abby, from Scrapbookaholic by Abby, is hosting this hop because she is a very crazy
fanatic of "I Love Lucy" She loves this show soo much (You should see her memorabilia) that she
gathered a group of ladies (us) that also have a lil bit of an "I Love
Lucy" addiction.

I was assigned the "Equal Rights" episode where Lucy and Ethel want to be treated as equals and when they go out to dinner with Fred and Ricky they sure do treat them like that. They play a joke on them.

Here is my card/layout. I created Kich N Bleus characters based on Lucy and Ethel when they are washing dishes in the restaurant.

Here is a list of giveaways on Abby's blog, please be sure to comment on all blogs in order to win some CANDY!

SEI Paper 6X6 Collection
SEI Ribbon Assortment
Sticker Assortment
Flower Assortment Pack
Elmer's Glue
Italian Charm Bracelet with I LOVE LUCY Charms!

As for my piece of CANDY!!!,,,,, I will be giving away ALL the KICH N BLEUS Collections to two lucky people (INCLUDING the brand new upcoming release "KICH TRAVELS!!" And all you have to do is...

*Tell me WHAT Your favorite I LOVE LUCY Episode is!! And if you dont LOVE Lucy... TELL Me what your favorite show is!! Make sure you LEave comments on ALL blogs to win Abby's Giveaways!!!! HAVE FUN!!

Check previous collections HERE.

Here is the line-up just in case you get lost:


This is super cool, cute and funny! great job Kich!


Gracias mija!!!! i love that I have brought you into this little addiction of mine!!! and to pick a favorite??!?!!? who are you kidding?!!? How about you tell me pick a favorite Metallica song!!!! LOL LOVE YA LOTS!!!

Sandra 365 Days Of Cricut

Your card is so cute and funny! They are adorable with their tears!


Wow, so so cute!! You guys are so creative!! Amazing!!


Love your take on Lucy and Ethel! Have got to share this with my BFF's daughter who draws Manga characters. She'll like it a lot!

My favorite episode is "We're Having a Baby" when Lucy can't get Ricky alone to tell him she's expecting, so she goes to the club and requests that song. I cry every time!!!


Nice card! I always liked the episodes when Lucy tried to get into show business or Ricky's acts at the night club. :)

April Nourse


Very cute card. I love the little Kich!. My favorite episodes are the candy factory (I love watching them stuff all the candies in their mouths, the expressions are priceless). My other has to be the grape smashing one. She is such a great comedian.
mary3mom at yahoo dot com


Too cute! Love the card. I just stumbled across this hop & had to visit since I love Lucy too! I have a beautiful photo stamp of her that I love to use when making cards. I also have a collection of 100 different tv cards from her show that are great for cardmaking too. I have a few of her tv dvd's & movies. I loved her "Your's, Mine & Ours" & "The Long, Long Trailer" movies. They are still funny today.

My favorite tv show would have to be the one where Lucy is selling cough syrup I think that has alcohol in it & she ends up getting drunk. TFS!


Nice! My favorite episode of I Love Lucy has to be the candy factory episode!



I love th eepisode in the cansy factory.... Thank you so much for the chance to win some fab candy... I am a new follower of your wonderful blog....


This card is cute!
I think my favorite episode of Lucy is the one that Sandra did on her blog, the one where Lucy lip syncs to the song that skips.
The candy factory one is pretty funny also and the grape stomping one!
lisastuf at gmail dot com


Oh my goodness...........a favorite? I loved them all but I think the Grape smashing one is the best! They were all such great classics! Your card is darling TFS


lol this is too cute I just love it actually I just watched this episode this morning at 6.30 she is on all weekend on the hallmark channel love your card my favorite is the choc factory and the grapes please be sure to visit my blog and see all my collections hugs Debbie


Oh I love your Lucy & Ethel characters. Too funny.

Happy Blogging,
emptynestboutique at yahoo dot com


I love so many of her shows. I think the candy factory might be my fav though :) Lucy

Addicted Scrapper

I don't think I have a favorite because they are all so wonderful and so FUNNY!!!!! Gotta love LUCY!! I really like the one where she gets tired of the same routine in her marriage and also the factory one...she is always getting into something, LOL

I love the characters!!! TFS~


Love your card---I like the candy factory episode where the belt goes too fast. At least I think they were making candy??!

Lisa Rhodes Lamer

I've been so excited about this blog hop.... why???? because I am from Jamestown, NY (you know that but others don't)the birth place of Lucille Ball!

We all have grandparent stories around this area with Lucy. My Grandpa Rhodes lived next door to Lucy when they were kids. She was same age as my Uncle Cecil and he, Grandpa and Lucy would walk to Washington Jr. HS together. They all lived on 23rd St.

Great hop!

I don't have a favorite episode but I love how my small city comes alive with I Love Lucy! And it is pretty exciting to say I live where Lucille Ball was born!



This is great. LOVIN the digi's.



What a funny card. TFS. My favorite eposide would be the one of them at the chocolate factory.



Oh my goodness! Favorite Lucy episode? There are so many!!!! The one that comes to mind right now is the one where they are chasing down the other piece of the Lucky Buck and Lucy ends up going through the starch machine at the laundry service and comes back all stiff and looking like a Cupie doll. Also- the one where she is stuck in the freezer!

I love the card- I think the stamped faces at the top of it are a really cute touch!


The lucy episode I remember the most is when she works in a candy factory and can't beat the conveyor belt. Cute layout, They look just like Lucy and Ethel felt.
Thanks for sharing


Cute card! I think my favorite episode is where she is in the Vitameatavegemin commercial. I laugh everytime I think about it.

chillin with Quillin

So cute ,love the card!

Rachel Miller

OMG, You could not have done a better job at catching the essence of LUCY and Ethel!! I can so hear Lucy just a moaning and crying lol! You did a WONDERFUL job and the card is soooooooo very cute I love it!!! TFS!

Rachel Miller


Cute card- I love the way you "made" Lucy & Ethel! As for my fav, I'm not a huge fan but I used to work at a candy company so the chocolate episode would have to be my fav.


Fabulous job on your card!!! One of my favorites was when she met Harpo Max, don't remember the name of it, but it was hillarious!!
miller896042 at bellsouth dot net


Great job on your card - and beautiful blog!


Super cute! My fave is the Vita-meta-vegamin(sp?). I also loved the chocolate episode. TFS!

amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

Mommy's Crafty Creations

Love your card! its so funny!! My favorite episode is when they both got a job at the candy factory lol.


I love the show when Desi finds out Lucy is having a baby. They are in the club & Desi is singing trying to find which lady is the one and... well if you are a fan, you know the story!

Linda Dale

Yes, awesome, My favorite too, the candy factory.

Cyndi S

Great card. I do not have a favorite I Love Lucy episode. I do enjoy watch Two and a Half Men. I am sad to see it go.
cstephenson at q dot com


Stompin' the grapes a favorite episode (but my grandma's was the candy factory episode so that's a close second) Great card you made!


I love this layout.... especially how you made the characters look like Lucy & Ethel!

What a fantastic giveaway.... my youngest son & I watch the Andy Griffith show a lot!

Thanks so much for sharing & the chance to win!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Creative Diva

Hi! Love what you made! Thanks for a chance to win! I love the episode in which Lucy would dress up to be a ballerina so she can try to get a spot in Ricky's Show!


Cathie w

cute card love it...fav episode...the veta vita vegamine..hands down



Love your card:0 My favorite would have to be the candy factory. This is such a fun hop. Thanks for all your hard work. Thanks for the chance to win!
inkingitupcrazy at gmail dot com

golden moments

what a super duper cute card!!My favorite is the ones where they live in the country! thank veronica


Hi, what a fun blog hop!!
My favorite episode is the Vita Vita Vegamin!
Thanks for the chance to win some goodies and your card is darling!


I think I liked the episodes when they traveled to Calif and they thought they were driving with a nut!!!
Happy crafting!!


love the detail.. the tears and all... too cute!


Hi Kich,

Your card came out so cute!!! :) I love all of your stamps by the way (I've made 3 cards with the one I'm lucky enough to have)!

My favorite I Love Lucy episode is the one where she's crushing the grapes to make wine! But I love them all-always a good laugh (or rather nonstop laughing!)!

Thanks so much for sharing and for the chance to win such yummy blog candy,

partridgelu at yahoo dot com


very cute and creative. I love the smiley face boarder you incorporated in your card. My favorite episode of I love Lucy is the one where she is in this big barrel with another women stomping on grapes. hilarious!


what a great card!! love the peachy keen stamps!! tfs...i liked i love lucy but not well enough to know the episodes...but right now my fave show is grey's anatomy!! thanks for the chance to win, what a toally amazing prize!! tfs

Percilla G

Love the PK faces on top
My Favorite ah - has to be when they where working in the candy factor -

TheScrapbookgirl at CricutConfessions

I just love your art work. It is fabulous!



Wow what a wonderful blog hop! I am having so much fun looking at your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

My Scrap Diary

lol, yup that scene always makes me laugh. such a cute way to represent it. one of my fave eps is the Paris gown. love it!!
Jess M :)


I think one of the funniest has to be the candy, baking the bread and vitameatavegamin! I just might have to pop in the DVD!

Your card is cute!

Lisa's Creative Niche

This was too cute! I love it! My fav. episode has to be the one where they worked in the chocolate factory, who doesn't love that one?! Thank you so much for the chance at such awesome candy!


This is really a cute card. I love the coloring. As for my favorite episode, there are so many. But, I would say when she was mushing grapes in Europe.



Holy did this card with stamps? Im really impressed. I like it alot.
That's mean making me decide which episode I like the best. I'm a big Lucy fan and love them all but I suppose one of my fav's is the Bill Holden staring one and he turns the table on her and stars at her.
I sure would love to win the stamp give away.
Hugs, Debi


I am a new follower. Love the card, great job, TFS.
Melissa D


Great card!!! So creative. One of my favorite Lucy shows is the one where she and Ethel is working in the candy store and they can't keep up and start eating the candy.
I'm a follower.
Thanks for the chance to win.
http: // mamawann. blogspot. com/
annadowdy at gmail dot com


Love the card! As for favorite episode, at first I thought of the one where she works on the candy factory line, and then there's the Harpo Marx one, but my favorite scene is when Desi sings to her after he finds out he's going to be a father. Makes me cry every time!


Cute and funny card!! Love it. Thanks for sharing and I'm a new follower!!

Marcy S.

I love the card. My favorite show is Bones and I would have to say my favorite episode of I Love Lucy is the Chocolate Factory one.

Marcy S.


Cute card. I became a follower.
Thanks for sharing
karen k 3 at ameritech dot net


I don't really remember which Lucy show is my favorite. When I was growing up they were all reruns and I pretty much liked them all.

My favorite show right now is Fringe! Highly recommend it if you are a nerd/geek like me. :)

nginerd at gmail dot com


I became a follower. Adorable card. I love the candy factory episode and the graps stomping one and the one where Lucy bakes the giant loaf of bread.


I am a follower. I would say I like the candy episode the best. My aunt use to work at a chocolate factory and I would buy her Lucy stuff because of it.
Thanks for sharing your card and offering the "candy".
ScrappinAnn at gmail dot com
please visit my blog and help me reach 150 followers


I still vividly remember the washing machine episode. I think you card and your stamps are amazing. Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com


Cute card. My favorite episode is the working on the candy line one.

vwilson577 at


So absolutely adorable... love the tears!!!!

This is one of my all-time favs, but I also LOL AND ROFLOL to the candy factory line. When she starts putting candy down her dress and in her hat -- the tears stream like the ones on your card and I'm laughing and crying!!!

Kimmarie Baker

This is so funny! they look so good and their tears. lol My favorite episode is the chocolate factory one.


AWWWWW!! Cute card!!


The one she is making wine and walking bare foot on the grapes...I Love Lucy too... Thanks for doing the Blog Hop...Have a great time
Rebecca Minor


Great card! Lucy and Ethel were always so much fun! My favorite was the assembly line where they were sorting chocolates! And eating more than they sorted...


I love your card. The expressions on the faces are just like Lucy and Ethel when they were washing dishes.

My favorite episode is when they are on their way to California and they are spending the night in an old off beat cabin next to the train track. Every time the train went by the bed moved across the room.


Scrappin' Sista

Great card. I love that you created characters for the hop.

My favorite episode is when Ricky and Lucy move and they think the place is haunted because Ethel and Fred decide they need company. Fred and Ethel use the key they were given to go in the house.

TFS and the inspiration. Scrappy hugs coming your way.

Christel (Scrappin' Sista)
askscrappinsista (at) hotmail (dot) com


Very cute card! Favorite episode? oh my so many, but I'll say the candy factory episode. Thanks for a chance to win. Enjoying the hop!


Really nice card. It's to hard to pick just one. I can say that I love them all. I enjoying watching them all weekend on the Hallmark channel. TFS and a chance to win some candy.

Celeste B.

What an adorable card!!!!! It seems like I Love Lucy was a hilarious show (I had never seen any of them)!! :) I have a few favorite shows; it sounds silly, but my favorite would have to be Ghost Hunters. I know, a little different. :) TFS your cute card, it really is adorable!!! :)

Keely Yowler

Love your fabulous card! It's just the cutest!

Kathy's Kreative Spot

I have two favorite episode, the one where she is working in the chocolate factory and the other on is when she is stomping grapes.
Katsews at gmail dotcom


I love the episode where Lucy and Ethel work at the candy factory. Never seen anyone try to eat candy so fast. TFS!


lauermaa at gmail dot com


Lucy...I'm home! Great card you created! I have to agree with Angela - my favorite episode is Lucy and Ethel working at the candy factory.

ksully4597 at gmail dot com


My favorite Lucy episode is where she is lip singing and the song starts skipping....too funny! Love your card and coloring


My Favorite show is,"Lucy Does a Commercial", When she was the "Vitameatavegamin Girl"
I also Love the 'Long, Long Trailer' & Yours, Mine & Ours'!
Love your colors!

Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net


This is such a funny card. love it!
what a great "women" card! LOL
My favorite episode, well I cannot choose between 5.. vita, candy, grape stomp, etc. One of my favorite include all the famous people on her show (it was unreal how many famous people were on her show).
Kristina DArling I am having trouble with posting as I do not have a blog yet so hoping this will post after it didn't last night :(


Love your blog! I found out about Abby's blog on Angelica's blog.
syoung6987 at aol dot com

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