Saturday, April 9, 2011

LOVE Your PET BLog Hop!

Hello and welcome to the LOVE YOUR PET Blog Hop!!!

If you came from Gaby, then youre on the right track. If not, start with my sis Abby

If you havent read my previous post about my beloved dog, Pinky... Then you can read my story here....
Pinky.... I Love you ... 1989- 2004
My sis became inspired to do this blog after that commercial for the ASPCA. My BFF, My niece and I cry every single time we see that commercial. I have to turn the channel because im such a cry baby, (Like my sis) and it reminds me of my precious first pet, Pinky. We had to sadly put her to sleep after she got sick, but she left us with great memories. I created this card in memory of her, and the happiness she brought me for 15 years!

I'm such a crazy animal person. I love all kinds of animals (I could keep all strays if i could!) No person should hurt, maltreat, or abuse a pet because can be a great bud! They are filled with love, and adoration and im so happy that i got to be in this hop! Now, Onto the candy!

**I will be giving one lucky person a collection of Kich N Bleus. Whichever collection you wish. Even the upcoming new collection is up for choice (We haven't even released it) All you have to do is post in all blogs, Just like my sister Abby's rules. That it! So you have two chances on winning candy!

My sister Abby had great candy for this hop as well, so make sure you stop by! Here are her Rules:

She will have ONE winner for the TBD patterns and
ONE winner for all the scrapping goodies!

All you have to do to be eligible to win is:

*** Visit ALL blogs and leave a comment
***Leave a comment in her blog telling her what you remember
the most about your first pet

Now, your Next Stop is Erika

*If you get lost, here is the line up! Have fun!!


Pinc.... Crysol, you just made me cry!!! later!!

Angie Kay

always nice to keep the ones from our past in our hearts

Kathy's Kreative Spot

Very nice layout in remembrance of your dog. We just put to sleep our 16 year Pomeranian in February. I need to do a page for Rocky.
Katsews at gmail dotcom


You did a wonderful memory card for your dog. I'm an animal lover of all kinds too, wish I lived on a farm.

Smiles Sher


We had a beautiful English Springer Spaniel named Maggie. She was the best dog! She blessed our lives for 16 wonderful years until she passed away. She used to do this thing where if you were sitting on the couch, she would always back up and have to sit right between your feet. She also loved to rub her ears on the floor while having her butt up in the air. Loved that dog!
jtg0398 at sbcglobal dot net


I love your sentiment inside... because it is so very true! <3
Thank you for sharing!


such a cute project...


Oh that sentiment inside of your card is so so true.......I love it. Our pets are just so near and dear to our heart. TFS


I love, love this card. Great sentiment.


Love the memory card. wonderful and true sentiment. TFS
We have a cat and 2 dogs that all came from the humane society.
Would love to be able to have more
bdtktr at gmail dot com



Cute card:)


so cute, gotta love our pets!!



Beautiful card. Love the saying


You did a wonderful job. I love your card. Also the Kich N Bleus image is wonderful.


Great memory card!

Lillian Child

What a delightful story. Thanks so much for sharing!

And I just found your blog and am now a follower. So very nice to meet you. Stop by my blog sometime soon and say hi.


What a great card in memory of your dog!!
sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com


oh i know how you feel,we have 3 cats literally rescued from the street as kittens and a 13 year old lab that hubby cannot bear to put down even though she is starting to have real problems getting around.

Marianne (Mash)

That is so precious. I can't even imagine the day I lose my baby lacie!! Hugs to you!

im_mari723 at yahoo dot com


Love your pet layout and thanks for supporting ASPCA (I have been a very active donor and supporter for many years and all of my pets have come from there). Nice to see how my two passions - pets and scrapbooking - come together. Now on to the other blogs (and winning some candy could be a nice bonus)


I absolutetly love your card. How wonderful. I adore that sentiment and hope you won't mind if I do something similar

Burffrau @ aol dot com


forgot to leave contact details - lisa dot rea at kbmg dot com


Super cute card---your image is perfect!


Sweet card and image. Hugs- Glora



Very nice card in memory of your beloved Pet!!TFS!!!
ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com


What a sweet card to remember your dog!
diane ~


I wanted to cry as soon as I saw the 2004 -- that card is so sweet - love the smile because it happen


What a great tribute! I have yet to scrapbook any of my previous pets. I should! Thanks for helping raise awareness this month and for a fun hop ;)


I ♥ Pinky! *sniff*
Hummer Hugs,
hummingbird204 at comcast dot net


very sweet card!



love the sentiment, made me smile!


Super sweet card. I'm a complete cry baby too!


Amanda Villarreal

This is so cute and sweet! I too have lost a pet and I cant help but get emotional with any stray or sappy movie. OMG like Marley and Me! Lol.


I love this theme. I just had to put my 13 year old Boxer Nakita to sleep March 1, 2011 and wow it is hard. Great story and page.


That is one of the cutest cards I have ever seen! Great tribute!!

Laura (tweetyb)

Aww what a loving card!


What a sweet card and a nice tribute! Its sooo hard to lose a furry member of the family!! Thanks for sharing!!


I have to say I think that is the most precious saying I have ever seen!!! thanks and Pinky was a cute little girl!

-- Dalis
alidalis AT comcas DOT net

Craft Me This

You never get over the loss of a pet. That loss is overwhelming. How I will handle losing 6 is beyond me. I have 6 Shih Tzus now and they are amazing.

Pat N.

Great card and sentiment. I just read your other post, and I'm heartbroken! I had to shake that off. So glad Pinky brought you your new dog, Sisy! - Pat N.


Great card remembering your dog! It is really sad when one of your pets passes away. We recently lost one of our cats. Our pets are members of our family.
Thanks for being part of the blog hop.
fourkidstwocats at msn dot com


Cute puppy!

Scrappy Jackie

I cry too... Thanks for sharing and for the hop! pjritsema at gmail dot com

Maria Elena

Great job ! I have your button in my blog ;-)
I'm so glad to play with you in this Blog Hop ;-)
Maria Elena~


This is so super cute! I LOVE the sentiment! What a great card! I am glad to be in this hop with you!


Thant is a GREAT card - I lost my best friend, too. His name was Cid, and he was the most awesome, mixed breed guy ever.


I LOVE the card!!! I am new follower.


Beautiful card. Thanks for sharing your dog stories. They are precious members of our families.


I recently lost my dad and when I read your comment it made me smile and then cry! It's so true...we need to be happy because it happened and we loved....but darn it's hard not to be sad when it's over..... TFS.


My most loved pet was my iguana Alice, as odd as it might be she was very friendly, personable, well behaved and amazing. I have a tribute to her a 9 inch tattoo on my left thigh. She has been gone for more than 10 years and i still miss her.


awwww, thanks for sharing your story. Pets sure are part of the family and touch our lives in SO many ways!!
Loved your project. ;-)

Deanna's Creations

Thank you for sharing your family with us. So sweet!


beautiful card! TFS

In Memory of Muriel May Clemens

such a cute idea. I wish I had pics of Tink around. hse brought joy to anyone she met


What a wonderful project! I'm sorry for the loss of your pup, I lost mine many years ago too, a little scottie dog, named Anna, hardest thing ever.



Love this blog hop, big animal lover


I love the sentiment...she lived a very long and happy life. Thank You for sharing in the hop.
quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

CA Scrapper

So beautiful! Sorry for your loss. It truly is like losing a member of the family. I love my pets like they are my kids!


cascrapper at gmail dot com

Lori Comeau

It's amazing how a pet can touch your life. I love the sentiment in the card. It could not be said any better. Great card, thanks for sharing.

Lisa Ritchie

Thank you for having this hop. I think I've found a group of ladies who are as in love with fur babies as I am. I lost my14 year old German Sheppard Buddy 6 weeks ago from Cancer and think about him everyday. I have 7 other babies and they are all strays. They are so grateful and love unconditionally. God bless you. I will visit your site often. Lisa Ritchie


great card!
hopping along


Love the card! I don't watch the commericals b/c watching it once was bad enough and now they break my heart. TFS!


Ok, I don't know if I can read your story right now because I'm already tearing up...we lost our first family pet 6 months ago and I still cry!!!


Had one just as beautiful as yours and if ever there was a valiant dog, Bruiser was one. He had been burned and bitten, starved, and suffering from a massive heart worm. He came up to me at work in the parking lot and looked into my eyes and I was hooked. He was three when I got him and lived three more years knowing that someone really loved him. Miss him so much. His kidneys failed him one day but he fought bravely til the end.

Amy's Designs

:( for your baby. I miss mine too. Thanks for sharing this cute project with us.


This was a great card, and I say I know how you feel as I lost my pup last year. It was even more heartbreaking as we had named him after my older brother whom had died a year prior. I know they are both watching us from up above.


your memory card is adorable, I read your story of your dong Pinky it brought tears to my eyes. I love the saying in your card it so true.


Great card. I love the sentiment.


Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew)

I can't watch that commercial either. I just can't stand the thought that there's an animal out there that doesn't have someone to love and care for it. But then I'm a big old animal lover myself. Love the card and love your story too.


Love that saying.

spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

K Andrew

What a sweet card---how precious to memorialize your beloved pet--you are a sweet spirit!

Big Cricky Hugs,
K Andrew


What a sweet card. Love the angel dog image. I had to put my beautiful 13 yr old collie husky mix to sleep 3 yrs ago & it still breaks my heart. I miss her every day. I still can't look at pics of her without crying.

Tanya Isis Ayala

Very nice


Love the card. Good memories. I can't even watch the commercials. I change the channel or at least turn off the sound. sob, sob.

Cricut Design Chicks SWARM

When roxy (pomerian)was a yr old she got parvo... they gave her a better chance at not surviving but she did!! I couldn't believe how much we loved her at that point.
memories last forever! TFS. I can't read the story. going through menopause and will cry for hours! but the same... memories.. :)


I love the sentiment you used, it's absolutely right :)

morose44 at hotmail dot com


I cry about my pets all the time . . . and we lose them way to soon! Great memorial you created for your pup.


What a great sentiment in this card. My little Zsu-Zsu, is my best friend. She's a 6 lb. Shih Tzu and I got her 6 weeks before my brain surgery. She was supposed to help me recover and boy has she! I just don't know what I would do w/o her.


I also am a huge dog lover. I have three little yorkies and would have many more if hubby would let me. I have to turn the channel too. It just breaks my heart. Wish I could help them all. Have a great day!

A Scrap Above

Kich, I should not have read your story BEFORE I commented! I get so chocked up when it comes to our human pets (thats what I call them) well, my shih-tzus are my human puppies!
I love your LO and card, and OMG, I love this digi you drew..
I am already a follower of your blog
ascrapabove at aol dot com


Aww so sorry for your lose my daughter too lost her fur baby last year. She had her baby since she was 5 so for 10yrs he was her love. We miss him a whole lot. This year my Schnauzer had puppies so she is now a fur mommy again and Oliver is now her baby but he is a pain in my rear...LOL but we love him just as much :) Thanks for sharing.

Cyndi S

i have three weenie dogs they are my life, i don't know what i would do without them. i love them so. cmstephenson97 at yahoo do com


so sweet, those commercials always make me cry....
thanks for sharing your pics with us...
brodiec88 at hotmail dot com

Princess Hilda

wonderful memory card , so sweet


Love this card! It is such a wonderful tribute to your devoted pet ~ and the sentiment is awesome!

ksully4597 at gmail dot com


Nice tribute to Pinky


Card is great. Sentiment is so perfect. TFS and the chance to win. I am a follower. patnbobcuddy at gmail dot com


beautiful saying :)
thanks for the chance to win!


great card,great

Simply Sandy

what a sweet sentiment :)


awsome LO TFS Monica


Great card and I especially love the sentiment! Thanks for sharing! :-)


great LO Thanks for sharing it with us


This is a great card. Love the sentiment, perfect fit!

phenis2031 at yahoo dot com

Gloria (Disneynut4life22)

Love your card and love the sentiment. disneynut4life22 at yahoo dot com


I love it! I lost my puppy too, so I know how it feels.


My very first pet was Pinky, but she was a cat, lived 21 years. When I first started scrapbooking, I made a bookmark with her photo and the three key things she taught me as my big sis. Precious card, love the sentiment. Working on a book about my latest loss, Mittens, and yes, that commercial makes me cry too.
amylfahnestock at gmail dot com


Hi, Kich! I was so touched by your comments about your sweet Pinky. They really leave their little paw prints on our hearts, don't they? As I told your sister and Gaby, I commend all of you for doing this. It's such an important cause and anything that can be done to raise awareness is great. Thanks!



I adore your comments and sentiments about your beloved pinky. Nothing hurts quite like the loss of a pet....


I love your card..... I know that our dogs are members of our family, they are a huge part of our lives and our little furbabies!

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

okj83 at live dot com


I love the art on your card. I just lost my 14 year old sweetie. I miss her like crazy. lclass003 at


I love that quote!!! So perfect!

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