Friday, January 7, 2011

Lil Chris & Abby

Ever since i was little, I grew up along my cousin, Cachito (His nickname) We were born 7 days apart, and we were always a pair. Even though we had fights, arguments, tantrums.. (Well.... ME, he was very calm) We were always happy in the end. At the age of 4, We moved to Pomona, CA... Cachito, stayed in Mexicali, Mexico.. and even though we were far away... He and I remained really close.. even now :)

The reason why i share this story is because my boy, Lil Chris, and Lil Abby (My sister's girl ( Were born 4 days apart, and were always together. Every single day would be a play date (and fight) until the day my sis moved to North California. Sadly, they will not be going to the same class, the same school, nor grow up with the same friends... But even though they are far away... They will remain close, and they will grow up being best friends... like Cachito and me. :)

I Created this card using one my Kich n Bleus Designs. I also used the Snack Stack from DCW (Gosh, I should really know my paper stacks names!) I am a fan of Prima Colors, but i am wondering and thnking about using Copic Pens (Name please!!) to try them out.

Here is a picture of my lovelys!!
Abby (Abyta :)) Love you!!

Lil Chris... :B Love you!!



GREAT make me cry my eyes out!!!!! I miss him soooo much!!!!! LOVE IT!!! So when should I be getting that card??


I was gonna give it to you?????? Hahahaha Miss you guys alot too!!!!! Wait till you see the next one!!!! hehehehehehe Im on a roll!!


BTW... Abbita is way darker than that!!! hehehe


Those babies are just so beautiful! And the card you made with your own creations is just beautiful! TFS!!

Sandra 365 Days Of Cricut

Awwh very cute! They actually look like them =)

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