Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something from the heart...

Growing up, I didn't have that closeness with brothers and sisters... Usually, my brothers and sisters were friends, acquaintances, maybe because i was younger. When I turned 23, I got with someone, and also befriended a person who broke us apart. We never spoke to each other, we rarely shared a dinner, or a night's chat... When me and those people stopped talking... Our relationships began to heal. I opened my eyes to see that the people who care about me the most are right in here in my blood... This is why i created this card...

Because since i was little, i have never had the relationship i have with my brother and sisters now. We are friends, BFFs, confidants, and advisers... We are rope pullers, ball jugglers, and tight rope walkers... We can only CHERISH this emotion because if one of them goes away... then you have to keep that tie in the heart...

Abby, Her and I became almost BFFs.. with a touch of sisterhood.. We still tell each other what to do, and we sometimes argue, but eh.. thats sisterhood. It hurt when she moved away... to North Cali. I never thought she would, but all the signs pointed to "Yes" and well, I had to get used to it. By the way, its been 7 months, and i still get caught up saying, "Ima stop by!! Ive got gossip!!" hehehe... I haven't gotten used to it. Scrapbooking has gotten us even closer, and now Kich n Bleus Designs.. I have nothing but MANY THANKS for her. I LOVE HER!!, and i miss her so... A lot. (Im tearing up... gotta stop :) ABby, I wish you were here... but i understand i cant have you a couple of blocks away... but you know i would drive down every weekend if i could! hehehe

Rina, She is more like my gossiper sister. We dont share a lot of qualities together. We just love to sit and chat, or go out for dinner sometimes. I have plenty of awesome memories with my sis... Here's an example, When i was little.. Abby used to be the firm one, the one who took care of me, and set rules for me. Rina, was more like the laid back one... I remember waiting for her when she got home to "help" me with home work. Yes, HELP is the key work because she use to end up doing it... hehehe. Abby would made me do it! hehehe...

Titi, Aww, man.. the fights we used to have. We were the war in the house. We would fight for soo little. My dad used to say, "Watch, when you grow up.. you'll be crying for each other" And you know... I think we have :) I love him so much! I dont think i could ask for another brother, hehehe... Because even though he is sometimes picky (And so am I) We clash.. and fight, and argue.. but when we hang out, its awesome! HE is currently in a norteno band, and when he shows me his stuff... I wanna hug him, and tell him that he is the best, and that he is awesome, and i wish him all the best of luck in all that he does... but im shy.. so i smile, and i tell him That is awesome! (I mean it like 10X more)

So, after giving you a brief story of my brothers... I have made this card in honor of them. I love them, and i dont think i would change them or they would change me.. (Maybe my temper! hehehe....) I hope you like it... and I hope that if you have Sisters or brothers, tell them how much you love them... because when one leaves, when one moves away, or breaks apart... It will much harder to...:) Abby, Titi, and Rina... I LOVE you with all my heart!!

From the top Left: Me, and Abby
From the Bottom: Rina, and Titi

From the Left: ME, Titi, Abby and Rina



We all grow up sometime isn't that wonderful! Blessings to you and your family and I really do love your images.


LOVE LOVE LOVE ME ENCANTA!!!!!!!!! I too love you lil sis!!! and I miss you like you have no idea!!!

Liset Villarino

Beatiful! I know exactly what you mean, my sisters and my mom moved away from me and it breaks my heart everyday to be so far apart from them.


A Scrap Above

Kich this is so sweet and amazing! You are very talented!!! Always great hearing of sisters and brothers being close, I am 10 miles from my sister, and we hardly talk,and never see each other,cherish what you have girl!
I am now following you and really do love your designs, hope to see many more in the near future!
Bonnie C


Qué linda la foto donde están los 4 y realmente me gusta la tarjeta y tus diseños que como lo he puesto en mi blog, transmiten... Besos Kich! :)

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